Success Stories

  • "Autism/ PDD

    The first 2 weeks, we were short and he only had 4 adjustments when I could see a difference. He was relaxed, comfortable in his own skin and more compliant. By the third week, a full three adjustments, I had a glimpse of the little boy I knew was in there. He didn't have that glazed look in his eyes, almost machine like look, he was my little guy."
  • "Numbness in leg/ Asthma

    When I first started chiropractic care I had pain and numbness in my left leg. Also, I was on several medications for asthma. After a few months of chiropractic care - the leg pain and numbness is gone and I am off my asthma medication."
  • "Migraines/ADD
    I have had atleast 3 headaches at the most. I feel better and am much more alert in school"
  • "Bed Wetting

    My son is 9 years old. He has less bedwetting and more dry nights."
  • "Reflux/ Colic

    Infant Son -, has responded amazingly with reflux and gas issues."