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Frequent Questions?

Why Do Kids Need Care?

Kids Need Care to enhance their overall wellness.  If we think about health and wellness, where does that come from.

Children should be checked for subluxation immediately after brith.  This is the first trauma that a child wil encounter.  Torticollis is one of the most common issues we deal with in the newborn population.  A symptom of this in your child would be if your child has one side of the head that is flattened, meaning they have a favorite side.  They look one way a lot, look at their baby pictures.  When a child comes through the birth canal, in an assisted birth, there is pressure applied to the head and neck by the midwife or Dr.  The head is twisted and this twist can cause the occiput/ and first vertebrae known as the Atlas to get stuck.  Also, as C-section rates are climbing, it is common that the baby was engaged prior to the C-section, again meaning head down in the birth canal.  The pressure the Doctor needs to place on the head and neck of the newborn is much greater.  It is a simple evaluation by the Doctor of Chiropractic that can tell us if the areas are "subluxated".  Meaning the occiput and the first vertebrae are our of place. 

Parents will ask if it is safe for children to get adjusted that young?  Our office is a member of the ICPA.  We follow the guidelines of the organization. All assessments and interventions that take place in our office is done with the consent of the parent. 

Dr. Brown has three children, all of which were adjusted within minutes of birth.


Does chiropractic adjustments treat asthma and allergies, how about ear infections?

A chiropractic adjustment does not differentiate from one diagnosis to another.  It does not treat anything.  It removes interference in the nervous system and allows the body to function at its optimal level.  When we speak of ear infections for example, the inflammatory response seen in the ear is a result of something.  Is it possible that it is related to diet, yes, is it possible that something is not draining properly, yes.  As a chiropractor, we look to the structure of the bones in the neck.  If your child has a misalignment, we are able to help, if there is no finding, then you will be referred back to your holsitic practitioner/ or pediatrician.

All children in our office are treated as individuals.  All histories-especially birth traumas, are looked at as well as falls, accidents, activites, and other stressors.  We do a full physical exam, and report all the findings to the parent.  We then formulate a plan that best suits the need of the child.