Pediatric Care

KIDS COME FIRST WITH US....Let's GET them under CARE today.  

Family wellness care is how we promote health throughout our community.  We are a full family practice.  We provide children with full chiropractic exams, posture analysis and surface EMG's.   In our office we have a full play area for your kids while they wait for their adjustment. We perform full family exams, and close the office to regular adjutments during your exam.  We are a family fun, family run office that prides itself on being different from the "dr office setting". 

We are conveniently located on Highway 36 in Atlantic Highlands, and offer after school hours for kids of all ages. We also have amazing power hour lunch hours in the heart of Red Bank!  If you have been to the chiropractor in the past, but never had your child checked for subluxation, well my question to you is why? Why you and not them. 

A child is never too young to begin chiropractic services.  One of the most amazing adjustment this office provides is the first adjustment to the newborn baby.  We encourage our pregnant mothers-to-be to stop at our office on the way home from the hospital to get their precious newborn checked.  Birth trauma including difficult labors, forceps, vaccuum extraction in delivery, and c-sections can lead to a lifetime of unwanted illness if left undetected.  During the first year of life 50% of infants experience a significant fall from a bed, crib, or infant dressing table.

Dr. Dennis has children's activites thoughout the year, including our huge annual event Kids Day America, held every year in May. He performs pre-scoliosis screenings at local gyms and local schools; including children with special needs.

Children experience subluxation, as we said, some from birth, most from regular childhood bumps and falls.  These subluxations, if not detected can cause disruption in their growing nervous system.  No child is created for dis-ease, and illness, they are created for health and wellness. 

Let me ask you, if  the trunk of the tree grows bent how does the rest of the tree grow?  BENT.......Well then what happens to the spine of a child that may have a misalignment in their spine at an early age.  As they grow is it possible that it will cause the entire spine to shift?  This is where most MDs/ School Nurses will detect an abnormal curve in the spine known as scoliosis.  Scoliosis does not have to be permanent and is treatable, if detected early.  Surgical procedures, such as rod placement need not be the first resort.  The only true way to detect a scoliosis is via x-ray.

Scoliosis prevention is one of the many ways Shorehands promotes health in our community.  We believe acting prior to the problem, is always the best solution.  What does that mean, simply put; if your child has been diagnosed with scoliosis, what was the recommendation? Was it watch and wait and re-take the x-rays in 6 months. Was it, it is only mild repeat the x-ray in a year. Was it go and visit the local family chiropractor and have the spine evaluated and adjusted to correct the curve. 

The current law in NJ states that children 10 and older get tested for scoliosis.  However, a child as young as two can have an abnormal curve in their spine.  Imagine if the correction was made for the eight years before the child is finally checked.  Or on the reverse, if that abnormal curve was ignored for the next eight years, but never needed to be.

Posture is the window to the spine, take a moment to check your child's posture,  is there one shoulder higher than the other, are their ears even, is one foot turned out or in....all of these things mean there is misalignment is the spine, meaning the nervous system, and they need to be seen by your family chiropractor.

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Allowing your child to grow the way he or she was meant to, and having their bodies function at 100% is what ShoreHands strives for.  Do not hesitate any longer call today and arrange for your family check up 732-872-8009

If you are a member of the Atlantic Highlands/ Middletown/ Hazlet PTO, please mention PTO when you call; we are donating the cost of your exam back to the school, to help pay for many needed items for the children.  The exam for your entire family is $99/ normally valued at over $225 per family member.