Office Hours

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Office hours by appointment only


Atlantic Highlands OFFICE:

Monday: 8:30-10:45; 6p-7:15

Wednesday : 8:30-10:45; 3:30-6:30

Thursday: 8:30-10:45; 3:30-6:30

Red Bank OFFICE:

Mon-Wed-Thurs. 11:30-12:30

PLEASE HAVE your membership cards with you.  If you have misplaced them, please let front desk know and we will have a new one ready for you at a rate of $10

NEED TO CANCEL....please call us 20 minutes before your scheduled visit and we will get you rescheduled for later that day.

2016 Adjusting Hours

By Appointment Only- No walk in availablility

Full Family Adjustment Times Available

Family Exam Rooms Available

Bodies respond to rhythm; maintain your

adjustments as scheduled at the
same time each day and you will get the

results we are looking for.