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Nutritional tips for health

Eating Healthy : Eat from the EARTH

Attempt to change your eating habits.....and take back your family's health, you truly are what you eat, observe your family after a healthy, well balanced meal, versus a fast food high sugar, processed meal.  How is their behavoir, your mood? Are you satified with how you feel? How is your skin? Your sleep? Their sleep, focus?

Start simple and stay there!

  • 5-6 vegetable servings.  Alternating colors of red, yellow, green, white, and black
  • Sea Vegetables like kelp
  • Eating stems, flowers, and roots in your salad
  • Make salad a meal
  • 2-3 servings of fruit, alternate different colors, tastes and textures
  • For kids....utilize vita-mix and allow them to choose recipe, and help make their own, after school or snack time best time of day for this
  • Use quinoa, brown rice and millet as substitute for processed white foods
  • Drink half of your body weight in water every day.  Drinking clean water - use filters or reverse osmosis is the better choice.
  • Use only real salt, or celtic sea salt
  • Never eat genetically engineered foods....avoid anything that says diet, low fat or low sugar....caution healthy and natural packaging also.  Did it come from God's Garden....or was it created in Satan's kitchen


Everyone, everywhere NEEDS water! Clean, fresh water.  Dehydration is so overlooked! Your cells are DRY! They cry our for water! The simplest thing you can do is HYDRATE 100lbs=50 ounces! Be HONEST.....YOU ARE DRY!

Cheat sheet menu: If you can't read it not eat it

If it hasn't been here on Earth for more than 100 years..its not real food.

If your grandparents ate was organic

Eat organic when possible....

HIGH fructose CORN syrup is not REAL! It is poison

DRIVE by the DRIVE through

If you have lost time for DINNER with your family....FIND it again!

Set the table more often! Be present for dinner and put the phone down!

What you do your kids will DO IT right the first time!

Mothers, Fathers, Teachers, Preachers pave the way of our futures....