• Shorehands Family Chiropractic &Wellness is a family based corrective care chiropractic practice.  We are happy to call and verify your chiropractic coverage for you.  However, we do not base your care off of what your insurance agrees to participate in. 

We have full family care plans available to make care more affordable for you. 

We will be happy to assit you in obtaining the reibursement the insurance company will provide you with to the best of our ability. 

During these hard economic times we understand that finances may become an issue, we there for accept payment to our office with Visa/ MasterCard/ or American Express

Please bring a copy of your insurance card with you, and we will contact them on your behalf.  



We have a standard office policy and procedure that is followed to enhance your experience with chiropractic care and our office; take a minute to review some of them

Office policies:

  • We do not offer a time frame for healing, the power that made the body will heal the body.
  • Your body heals in rhythm- as you maintain your body's rhythm meaning maintaing your original schedule of adjustments, you will see the best results in your care.
  • Missing original scheduled visits may result in delay of healing
  • All missed or cancelled visits are required to be made up within 24 hours of that vist. Understanding that altering your care schedule, especially in the early stages of care may cause a delay in healing.
  • Frequest cancellation or no show of original scheduled visits, unfortunately will result in release of care from our office.
  • Our office is a corrective care practice, we do not offer pain relief visits for patients that aren't under regular care.
  • All monthly payments for care plan via care credit - Any question about payments are directed to care credit.
    Any discontinuation of care will result in termination of care plan and member will be responsible for all time of service fees acquired. Care plan is null and void.($60 per visit) 
  • All family members are evaluated in our office within the first 2 weeks of your care as a gift. ($225 value each)
  • Members are given first health care membership card, if lost then a $10 replacement fee will ensue.
  • All members are required to bring membership card to each visit, if forgotten, office will provide 1 temporary card for family, however, these pateints will be seen at the end of their adjustment set.