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Bionutrional Care

Bionutritional Care

Simple Solutions at Shorehands

Full family testing for exposure to environmental toxins, heavy metal exposure, yeast overgrowth, bacterial overgrowth. Find out how your body is functioning,  is your immune system doing its job? Testing is simple.  In our office we offer the following:

  • Hair analysis
  • Urine Analysis
  • Stool Analysis   
  • Allergy Testing

Shorehands Family Chiropractic and Wellness provides you with the needed equipment to perform all testing in the convenience of your home.  All results will be reviewed at office and recommendations will be made accordingly

Chronic exposure to environmental toxins, yeast, parasites all lead to increased stress response in the body.  With an increased stress response in the system, it is well known that this in turn leads to chronic and acute areas of subluxation.  Chiropractic treatment revolves around treating subluxation.  A thorough evaluation of the spine, as well as the diagnostic bioanalytical testing is an imperative first step to recovery of any illness.

The first step to remember in a detoxification program is identifying the proper toxins. We cannot add supplements, without knowing what is needed first.  Programs that offer detoxification, are generic.  How do you treat something when you are unsure what is causing your symptoms. Getting to the underlying issue is what our office assists you in.   

We take a holistic approach to healthcare in all aspects of life at our clinic, realizing that the digestive system composes 70% of the immune system.  We also cannot stress enough that the system that controls every function in the body is the nervous system.

As a chiropractic facility, we will be providing you with a complimentary spinal evaluation to detect how your family's nervous system  is functioning as well. 

What to expect your first visit:

All paperwork will be emailed to you prior to your first visit.

All pages of paperwork must be filled out prior to office visit.  If paperwork is not filled out, visit will be rescheduled.  This is a very important part of your visit, and we ask that you take the time to properly fill this out for each family member.

All current supplements, medication must be brought with you to your first vist.

  1. You will be greeted by Dr. Brown's assistant.  All necessary paperwork will be given to the front desk to review.  We will provide you with an amazing tour of our facility, and bring you (and or your child) to our discovery room.
  2. Dr. Brown's nurse will then meet you and review your (and or)child's very important history.  Please remember to include all details of birth trauma and labor (for your children) on history form. 
  3. We will then provide you/ (and your family) with a thorough postural analysis

Dr Brown will conduct a comprehensive overview of all findings and review them with you

  • He then will perform a palpation examination of the spine, this exam will reveal any areas of tenderness or misalignments in the spine
  • X-rays may be recommended at this time, if Dr. Brown feels it is necessary.  (Not all children in our office are recommended for x-ray, unless physical exam findings and histories deem necessary)
  • According to your family's history Dr. Brown will recommend appropriate testing for analysis

All equipment needed for testing will be given to you at this time with instructions from the Doctor

Your follow up visit will be scheduled after the analysis of results have arrived at office

Second Visit : The Results

Upon returning to our office we request that parents and guardians of children are present for the report of findings.

This report will be detailed and we find it is beneficial for all parties of interest be present at the time of the report.

  • Report of all chiropractic examination findings, including; posture, palpation and x-rays if recommended
  • Report analysis of stool, urine, hair analysis etc
  • You will be given a recovery journal, and we ask that you keep a log daily of your progress.
  • Referrals for proper detoxification if needed (Infra-red sauna, HBOT, IV chelation, etc)
  • Follow up visit 1 month post treatment will be scheduled for follow up after report visit

The Secrets to success: Testing is the first step...

  1. If making substantive changes in your lifestyle is something you are not willing to do, we cannot help you.
  2. If you are not willing to make an investment in certain foods, appliances (juicers, blenders, etc.) and nutritional supplements which your body needs, then your body may not be able to heal itself.
  3. You must understand that YOU are by far the most important part of your wellness program. You must believe that your life is important and that you have the right to live your life for your own sake.
  4. You have helped bring your body to its current state of "health;" only you can alter its course.
  5. It often takes many years of being mistreated before the body begins to show major symptoms. This is especially true for diseases like cancer, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, etc. Do not expect your body to be able to completely reverse the many years of damage overnight. It may take several weeks or months to overcome the damage the body has sustained because of the years of abuse.
  6. Your body is an extraordinary "machine." If you give it the correct ingredients and adequate time, it can work wonders for you.
  7. We are a chiropractic wellness health care practitioner. Our care is adjunctive to your medical doctor, not a substitute. We work closely with a consulting medical doctor and may consult with your primary care doctor, if necessary.


We will be happy to provide you a receipt for reimbursement from your insurance company if they so offer that as a provider.  Please contact us for your private consultation and we will inform you of our office rate per hour.  All results of your testing and examination are included in the cost of your consultation fee. 

Testing fees are separate and distinct from your consultation fee.  Each test prescribed  will be reviewed with you.  Payment is expected day of visit.  Testing fees will be reviewed with you at your consultation. 

Call for initial consult fee.  

Shorehands Family Chiropractic does not participate in insurance reimbursement issues.  We will be happy to offer a receipt, but it is the patients responsibility to speak with insurance company directly about testing.  Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of this type of preventative testing. 

Follow up consultations after initial results: $75 up to 30 minutes; $125 up to an hour

We are excited to assist you on your wellness journey.  Before you make this appointment, please make the committment to the care.  We do not want to waste anyone's money, and without that committment, it is a just that.  This is a decision by you and you alone.  Testing and getting the results is the easy part, the most important part of this journey is the follow through. 

Change occurs after testing.  This is a holistic practice - we are patient lead.  We believe in empowering you as the patient or you as the parent to learn the right way the body functions.  When you understand the why to what is wrong 

Dr. recommendations are made, and success cannot occur without the changes.  In our office we will not recommend supplementation until dietary modifications are met.  Nerve system, food, water.... then supplementation.  Our program is designed to meet the needs of your body specifically, it is not a generic program like many other offices offer. 

The most difficult choice you will need to decide is if you are willing to change.  All of the testing in the world cannot make you healthy, the true successful patient, is the patient that follows the recommendation because they want change, they want health, and they will get it.

For inquiries about program, email